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Did you know that you spend over 11,000 minutes a year in your bathroom?

Enjoy every second of that time with beautiful bath accessories designed by Moore Galore.

luxry bath accessories

Shower curtains, towels and lamps are essential needs in your bath; but they don't have to be blah! Let Moore Galore liven up your bath with an extra-long shower curtain, coordinating embellished towels and bathroom lamps. Whether you want a spa-like retreat, a contemporary feel, whimsical fun, or classical elegance, your bathroom accessories set the mood, and we can help you find your style.
Moore Galore is not a mass merchandiser. All our towels, embellished lamps and bath accessories are one of a kind, handmade, with no mass production or duplication. Products designed by Moore Galore give a designer look that you won’t find in every other home in the neighborhood.

designer fabric

IIf you haven't been able to find shower curtains made of designer toiles, floral prints, stripes, or any other unique fabric, then a Moore Galore custom shower curtain is a great solution to get exactly what you want. Our shower curtains are made with the same fabrics as our draperies and valances, so you can coordinate them with the windows in your bathroom.

Luxury Shower Curtains

Moore Galore’s luxury shower curtains measure 90" long by 108" wide. Ready-made department store shower curtains are 70" by 70"; our shower curtains are fuller and longer to give a designer look and feel to any bath. We use luxurious decorator fabrics. Our shower curtains are crafted out of trendy, traditional and stylish long lasting home interior fabrics.

Embellished Towels

Moore Galore’s embellished towels are designed to complete the look of your bath; they are designed to coordinate with your luxury shower curtain, providing the finishing touch to your bath.

Decorative Lamps

Moore Galore’s unique lamps add that elegant and fun touch as they complete the designer look you envisioned for your bath and home. We artfully apply designer fabrics, and then embellish the lamp with beads and trim that complete the designer look of your bath or any room of your home.